Glaucoma Treatment in Worcester

Mr Tarun Sharma, Consultant Ophthalmic Surgeon

Tarun Sharma is a consultant ophthalmic surgeon who carries out his NHS work at Worcestershire Acute NHS Trust since his appointment in 2007. He worked as Clinical Director for ophthalmic services in all hospitals under Worcestershire Acute Hospitals NHS Trust from 2012-2016. He set up complex glaucoma surgical service in Worcester in 2008. His glaucoma service has won the award of “The Best Glaucoma Service in UK by International Glaucoma Association” in 2015.

His glaucoma training included a higher degree in Glaucoma  after submission of his specialised research work on “Role of Mitomycin-C in glaucoma surgery-Trabeculectomy”. He underwent his glaucoma surgical training at the best centres in UK including Birmingham, Oxford and the world renowned centre for eye surgery -Moorfields Eye Hospital in London.

Tarun Sharma is one of the very few surgeons in UK to provide all types of glaucoma surgery including Trabectome, I-stents, Xen Stent alongside Trabeculectomy with Mitomycin-c and complex tube surgery.

He set up Worcestershire Glaucoma Support Group in 2009. His innovative initiative in digital patient education has been appreciated by Kings Fund, London. He also worked as National clinical Lead for Ophthalmology for Monitor,Department of Health UK in 2015-2016.

I found all the videos most helpful, especially on the correct way to administer the eyedrops. Everything is explained very clearly. Congratulations to the team for such an excellent website.

Mary Herbert

Excellent information, given my up and coming operation. Great to have this facility to read and watch all the information in videos and downloads in my own time.

Nick Brent

This was my first visit to the support group meeting and i was very impressed and enlightened with all of the information put forward.

Barbara Whittaker

Very Informative I have never done it correctly till now till I saw this video, this is very useful. thank you all for these videos

Lynne Grimshaw

It was more useful than previously described;I could rewind and play it again to see clearly what to do; very informative videos; thank you team-well done

P Ferrnihough

I never knew to do it this way: Nobody ever told me to use punctal occlussion; Thank you for such useful videos and your teams hard work

Peter Rafferty

The demonstration of the correct technique for applying eyedrops is great - much better explained than any leaflet with the drops, and therefore people are much more likely to do it properly. Thank you all.

Lorna Fellows

Well done Mr Sharma and the team. I found the information and videos very helpful and have passed on your web site for friends to see.

Ann Lodge

Very informative & useful thank you

John Trimble

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